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YI-DAN CHA GI Martial Arts Center offers classes for Children and seperate classes for adults.
Tang Soo Do Karate (Korean) and Chun Kuk Do Karate (Universal style) are instructed in all classes.
YI-DAN CHA GI Karate is a unique style in which Soke" Wood has designed and it was certified as an official Martial Arts style by The International Martial Arts Council.
This style is a unique style and uses diversified techniques which has evolved in Soke' Woods' instruction over the past 25 years.
Children classes include instruction in both styles and learn at their own pace. Basic self-defense and fun activities are also included as part of classroom instruction.  The benefits of The Martial Arts are numerous.  
It is well-known that a child involved in the martial arts learns the virtues that come with the arts.
Some virtues include:
Self-respect and Respect for others
Ability to resist negative peer pressure
YI-DAN CHA GI also awards children for these virtues and acedemic achievement with patches which are worn on there uniform.
* *Adult Classes receive instruction in the same styles and self-defense.
Virtues can be gained at any age.
Adults and Teens who show they have gained the virtues and are knowledgable in the martial arts have had the opportunity of an invitation to The United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Training Seminars.
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