Awarded "2008", Excellence in Teaching the Martial Arts by
 Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors
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YI-DAN CHA GI Martial Arts Center, Inc.
1459 Payne Avenue
North Tonawanda, NY

(716) 909-1775
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YI-DAN CHA GI Martial Art Instructors are deeply dedicated to the traditional roots and teachings of Martial Arts. 

All students learn that self-discipline is the key to their success, not only in class, but in all aspects of their life.

Self-Defense is used as a last resort.  Even the greatest of martial artists will tell you to walk away or attempt to defuse a situation.

A Black Belt is a White Belt, that never quit.

The word CAN"T is not part of our vocabulary.  With enough practice and a positive attitude, anything is possible.
"2010" on your 9th Degree Black Belt.  Award presented by United States MartialArts Hall of Fame
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2010 GrandMaster Wood recieves his 9th Degree Black Belt and Golden Life Award from The International Martial Arts Council!  Congratulations!

Location:Payne Avenue Christian Church
1459 Payne Avenue
North Tonawanda, N.Y. 14120​
(716) 389-0424 - Office
(716) 909-1775 - cell

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